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Blews in the 21st Century


The modern group representing the regiment was formed in 1982 and has a membership of approximately 100 men and women drawn from all walks of life. The regiment is part of the Sealed Knot Society, the largest re-enactment organisation in Europe.


There are two sides to the regiment. Firstly, we aim to portray a Company of Foot (infantry) from the Blew Regiment, London Trayned Bands, in the campaign season of 1643, setting off to relieve the siege of Gloucester and eventually fighting on the fields around Newbury, in what can be termed the Regiment's finest hour. Secondly, but perhaps more importantly, we are a group of like-minded people who enjoy getting together and having good times and perhaps a little bit of escapism.


The members of the Blew Regiment pride themselves on providing as accurate as possible representation of soldiers of the original Blew Regiment. We do this through our kit, our equipment and our drill. The Blews are a drilling regiment, allowing us to help new members learn and integrate so they too can take part in and enjoy the battles. We are lucky to have access to original drill books from the period of the English Civil War and this allows us to portray accurate manoeuvres on the field. Our colours are recreated from first-hand information of the period and our drummers play tunes which have been handed down through the years, some of which are still used by the army today.



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