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Colours of the Blew Regiment London Trayned Bandes


Each company of a foot regiment would carry its own flag with most regiments having variation between the flags of the different companies and most following a similar system, both in the Parliament and Royalist armies. The flags were six to six foot six inches in size and were made from silk taffeta and were known as 'Colours' or 'Ensigns.' The exception to this rule was the Trained Bands who referred to them as 'Trophies'. There are two sources from the period of the English Civil Wars who noted the designs of the Trophies of the trained bands: William Levett and John Lucas. Levett was likely a Royalist spy whereas Lucas was a gentleman enthusiast. As a result, the Blew Regiment has used Levett's design for their own Colour. The differences between the two sources relate primarily to the arrangement of the white plates, in the case of the Blew Regiment, but Levett is considered to be the more accurate of the two.


Taken from 'London and Liberty' by Keith Roberts with illustrations by Les Prince

Colonel's Company

The Colonels of regiments in the London Trained Bands did not go on campaign with their men and therefore it is likely that the Colonel's Trophies were not taken on active campaign either, instead remaining lodged safely in London. Only on drills and parades in or around the City would it be carried with the other Trophies in the Regiment.

Lieutenant Colonal's Company

The Lieutenant Colonel's Company Trophy was plain blue with a canton in the top left corner. The canton was generally one third of the height and width of the total size, resulting in it covering approximately one ninth of the Trophy's area

Sergeant Major's Company

The Sergeant Major's Company flew a Trophy showing one device. Devices varied for each regiment's colours, with those of the Blew Regiment using plates or roundells.

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First Company

As the Trophy of the Sergeant Major's Company showed one device, the Trophy of the company of the First Captain would show two.

Second company

Showing three plates

Third Company

The Third Captain's Company Trophy showing four plates. This is the current Trophy of the Blew Regiment and will remain so until a new Commanding Offcer is chosen when they will chose and make their own flag.

Fourth Company

The regiments of the London Trayned Bandes were intended to comprise ten companies in total. However, it is unlikely that the Blew Regiment ever reached this number. This Trophy is the one on which the two sources disagree with one noting that the discs were arranged as shown here and one noting them shown in a row as per the Third Company

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