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The Musketeers


The musket was still a relatively new weapon by the time of the English Civil War and it was considered a cowards weapon, used to kill people at a distance and the musketeer was considered second to the 'Gentleman Pikeman'. Our musketeers would definitely disagree and would tell you it takes more skill to fire what is effectively a black powder shotgun than to wave around a big stick.


Musketeers on the modern battlefield move quickly, firing towards the enemy (albeit from a safe distance), before engaging in hand to hand combat. Some musketeers opt to take their sword test so they can use a re-enactment grade weapon on the field. They certainly enjoy themselves and have great fun wrestling with the opposition, leading our CO to refer to it as 'combat hockey'



Learn about musket drill by clicking the link below:

Manner, Mechanic & Manoeuver for the Modish Musketeer


and about safety here:

Safe Musketeering


Learn more about the George Pittwood Trophy here




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