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The Role of the Adjutant


The following explanations & guidelines have been laid out so that all members can be familiar with them. It must be stressed to all, and continually kept in mind, that all the administration positions detailed here are gained by the Commanding Officer's appointment from those volunteers that express an interest supporting the Regiment more and becoming more involved with Regimental affairs.




The Society recommends that all Commanding Officers appoint an Adjutant to assist them in the direct administration of the Regiment. With that in mind, our Regimental Adjutant should act on behalf of the Commanding Officer in order to achieve his ambitions & targets. The Adjutant should be fully conversant with the Commanding Officer's strategies, & should be committed to realise these plans & objectives. As the Adjutant acts with the Commanding Officer's authority, that authority should never be abused to further personal aims. Qualities required of an Adjutant are strict consistency to routines, attention to detail, unswerving loyalty to the Regiment, its Officers & members, friendly agreeable approach to all of the membership, and a strong commitment to serve the needs of the membership. The Adjutant is responsible for the renewal of existing membership at the end of every subscription year. He or she also processes new enlistments to the Regiment, and ensures that the new recruit is allocated under a File Leader or senior NCO's wing. The Adjutant will maintain, continuously, a full address database of the entire Regimental membership.

An Adjutant will have to be able to advise those members who wish to obtain the appropriate certification for firearms and black powder usage. This may not necessarily involve holding stock of the correct forms, but, more likely, being able to advise & support through Regimental correspondence, the individual's application to their local Police Authority. When requested to do so by the Commanding Officer, the Adjutant will process all promotion papers through the correct channels to the Society. They will also advise those members in their positions as to the duties expected of them in these roles. Any official Regimental correspondence will be regulated by the Adjutant & issued by them to the Officers requirements. He or she will be responsible for issuing Regimental Warning Orders for events that require maximum possible turnout, & will be a secondary information source for the details on all such events. The Adjutant will advise, report on & encourage the tasks carried out by the remainder of the Regimental administration team he or she is responsible for.


This will include:


  • the Editor of the "Trayned Soldier" - the official newsletter for the Regiment

  • the Production & Distribution staff for the "Trayned Soldier"

  • the Recruiting Officer of the Regiment

  • the Public Relations Officer for the Regiment

  • the Co-Ordinator of the Regiment's website address.


The Adjutant will be expected to closely liaise with the Regimental Treasurer. He or she will forward all enlistment money received from membership applicants to the Treasurer promptly, & with particular attention being paid to any new members. They should inform the Treasurer on the correct correspondence, all dues owed to the Regiment and in turn, to the Society so that the correct membership levies are paid into the Society's accounts. Above all, the Adjutant should be familiar with the correct procedures laid down by the Society. They should represent the Commanding Officer in his absence, at any Brigade, Army or Society meetings, when deemed necessary to attend by the Commanding Officer's order.


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