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The Army of Parliament



The Army of Parliament is divided into four Brigades, each made up of regiments, bands and dragoones. In addition there are two units that report directly to the Lord General. The Lord General heads the Army. He is assisted by his Staff, who range from the Chief of Staff to humble runners. The following list shows the regiments in each brigade:


Where two pictures are shown the second is an alternative such as the New Model Army uniform of that Regiment


The Cittie of London Brigade


The Blew Regt of the London Trayned Bandes - that's us

Earl of Essex's Regt of Foote

Col Samuel Jones Regt of Foote

Tower Hamlets Trayned Bands

Col Roberts Hammond's Regt of Foote

Sir Arthur Haselrigge's Independant Company


Oliver Cromwell's


Col John Birch's Regt of Foote

Sgt Major General Phillip Skippon's Regt of Foote

Col John Pickerings Reg of Foote

John Lilburne's Regiment of Foote


Sir Thomas Fairfax's


Sir John Gell's Regiment of Foote

Lord Grey's Regiment of Foote

Col John Hutchinson's Regt of Foote

Earl of Manchester's Regt of Foote

Lord Saye and Sele's Regiment of Foote

Richard Deane's By Trayne of Artillery


Sir William Waller's

Col Thomas Ballards Regt of Foote

Sgt Major General James Carrs Regt of Foote

Col John Dalbier's Bye-Trayne of Artillerie

Lord John Robartes Regt of Foote

Earl of Stamford's Regt of Foote

Col James Wardlaw's Dragoones





Sir William Waller's Lifeguard of Horse



Parliament Trayne of Artillerie

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